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Interim Product Marketing Director with the responsibility to bring Quinyx’s product(s) to market on the journey to become a world leading B2B SaaS unicorn in the Workforce management (WFM) space.

Bram has been working at Quinyx as an interim Director of Product Marketing and helped out with additional strategic projects. A strategic leader and a great product marketer who moves quickly between strategy, vision and getting things done. Any company would be lucky to have Bram in their team. I would warmly recommend working with Bram.

– Johanna Fagerstedt, CMO Quinyx

About Quinyx

Quinyx is a Workforce Management solution that empowers the workforce in service industries to make people and businesses grow. 

Today, Quinyx helps more than 1000 companies around the world to optimise schedules with AI forecasting, make time reporting more efficient, reduce costs, stay compliant and engage with employees.

As the Interim Director of Product Marketing at Quinyx, I had the responsibility for Quinyx’s product marketing strategy, operations and team (3Fte). In this role I worked closely with the product management, sales, marketing & customer success departments to realise our goals and roadmap activities.

– Bram de Bruijn, Beyond Products

Key activities during assignment:

1. New product propositions after the Concrete acquisition

Quinyx acquired Concrete, a leading employee engagement, store operations and task management platform in 2022. Calvin Klein, Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, Tory Burch, and Superdry are among many global retailers that are Concrete customers. With the acquisition Quinyx empowered their current AI WFM product offering with task management. Together with the product marketing team we developed a new joint proposition and guided the complete implementation and the retirement of the old Concrete brand. 

2. Launch of new customer success plans

Quinyx customers are receiving a high standard of service during their lifecycle. Based on research we discovered a need for a segmentation in that service. Next, we discovered that customer support was overservicing some customers. Together with customer success we developed a business case, assessed the desired level of services and we reorganised the way the service was set up towards a bronze, silver and gold service level. All customers were segmented and we ran a tailored campaign to inform all customers to choose. This exercise led to a significant increase in bought success plans compared to the first half year. 

3. Implementation of Intercom as our engagement OS

In 2022 we implemented Intercom as a tool to communicate better with our customers during the complete lifecycle. Intercom offers best-in-class chatbots, product tours, proactive messages, email campaigns, self-serve support and more. Together with the product marketing manager growth we developed an implementation strategy and data management strategy to apply intercom in the best possible way. 

The complexity of implementing a tool like this lies in the technical and organisational boundaries of their legacy systems. Next, it is key to have a well defined strategy on how to use which attributes and features. We were able to run the first campaigns at the end of 2022 that led to a significant increase in customer engagement. As interim product marketing director I developed a long term content strategy to engage the current customer base of Quinyx within the Concrete platform. 

4. Team development 

During my interim period the product marketing team gained more responsibilities and the team itself increased as well. Based on best practices I  coached the product marketing managers to take a more strategic position in decision making, how to use data to manage product performance and how to manage stakeholders in general. Finally I designed and implemented a career framework that shows employees where they are in the organisation and where they can develop themselves if they choose to” 

5. New Go-to-Market strategy to boost the partner ecosystem

Together with the partner ecosystem team we developed and implemented a new go to market strategy for our revisited AI offering. During this project we redefined our messaging and positioning, developed several new products/services and enabled sales to sell the new offerings together with partners.

“Bram was very quickly able to grasped Quinyx’s key values and needs. He created a clear plan of action as interim director of the PMM team. He has such deep knowledge in marketing and product marketing, it was a true joy to learn from him.”

– Oriane Pierre-Justin,
Product Marketing Manager Growht Quinyx

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