Het eerste product marketing bureau voor innovatie in de IT & Security.

To achieve sustainable growth, creating a connection between client, product, organisation, & stakeholders is key.

That is why we go Beyond Products.

Our mindset? Sustainable Growth.

Beyond Products helps organizations to innovate, and to realize sustainable growth.

Our no-nonsense mentality and experimental approach shape the very core of our business design. This enables us to drive growth without the high costs of traditional management consultancy firms.

Our track record includes developing, scaling and growing Saas solutions, monitoring systems, client portals, and other tech-driven products in the role of project manager, product manager, product owner or product marketeer.

As millennials, we believe that the only path forward is sustainable growth that balances profit with purpose to make a positive impact. This powerful principle guides us in everything we do.

Our clients

The team

Beyond Products is a network organization of interim and project managers


” I believe he has an excellent analytical view and is not afraid to criticize the management (including myself). He looks at things from different angles before drawing up a final plan. He has proven to be a connecting link in the team.”
M. de Wit
Operations Director COO at Imbema
”Due to his strong analytical character, he can expose problems and discover the questions that matter. He works purposefully on solutions in which he involves stakeholders (at various levels). In addition to his genuine interest in people, he also has a great sense of humour.”
R. van Berg
Director of Digitalisation Europe at Securitas
” His commitment to give a clear (changed) direction to our organization and the strategic positioning of our product management department has proven to be very valuable. Bram likes to think with you in finding good solutions. I found it educational and inspiring to work with Bram!”
Sanne Rog
Head of Products at Fox-IT
”Bram is a highly motivated manager who can set a clear strategy, manage multi-cultural teams, and structure big initiatives into workable pieces. A true problem solver who can effectively practice his craft in difficult circumstances. I recommend him when your organization requires innovation, transformation, or growth”.
L. Driver
Director of Managed Services at NCC Group

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