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The first Dutch marketing agency for the security & IT industry.

Security is not just about technology. Security is about trust, confidence, and reputation.

And that’s why we help your company build authority, so that you are seen and found as the expert in the market.

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Partnering with us connects you to a diverse range of expertise and a wealth of experience.

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What they say about us

“Their security experience is of great value. They understand us, our target audience, and need only one word to produce substantive content.”

Marc Schilderman, Business Unit Manager TriOpSys

“The opportunity to launch our service in the US came while we were still fully engaged in developing the Dutch market. Thanks to the clear, structured approach and hands-on support from Beyond Products, the launch has been a success.”

Alexander Kleyn van Willigen, Product Manager Fox-IT

“I have found Bram’s commitment to directing the (change) organisation and strategically positioning the product management department to be very valuable. Bram is keen to think along with you to arrive at good solutions. Educational and inspiring!”

Sanne Rog, Head of Products Fox-IT

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