Customer case Imbema

Beyond Products developed an intelligent platform for, and in co-creation with, Imbema’s customers.

“Imbema is a real innovator in logistics.”

The challenge

How can we further develop our current product SIS, a Shipment Integrity Solution, into a (SaaS) platform in co-creation with our customers? That was the challenge Imbema faced.

The development of services like SIS fits into the transition Imbema is going through, from a traditional trading company with products to a specialist service provider. The ‘Industry 4.0’ philosophy was leading in this: equipping hardware assets with intelligent measuring systems and linking these to a single platform, in this case SIS.

Monitoring Service:

Shipment Integrity Solution (SIS) is an IoT platform that provides logistics customers with critical information necessary to monitor and control security in their supply chain.

With advanced SIS technology, you can collect data from existing systems (such as transportation planning, GPS, quality sensors, etc.) and verify that they meet all your shipment requirements.

All of these devices collect data that Imbema operators analyze to efficiently inform customers about potential risks, tampering attempts or other anomalies.

The approach

Imbema’s goal and requirements were immediately clear: They needed a new product in the form of a smart platform to elevate their service. Given the focus on customer needs, we created the full design and associated features in co-creation with key customers.

Essential components of our approach included:

  • Interviews with customers.
  • Testing mock-ups with customers and optimizing them after feedback.
  • Use of promotional videos for sales purposes.

The outcome

Our approach resulted in:

  • Delivery of a platform that allows customers to monitor the various smart security solutions from one central system.
  • Implementation of organizational changes, including hiring the right people for a successful platform launch.
  • A proper handover, allowing Imbema to focus independently on the growth of the new service. This was achieved in part by helping the new business unit manager get started.

“Bram has a sharp analytical eye. He isn’t afraid to be critical towards management (me included). He looks at things from different angles before drawing up a final plan.”

– Marco de Wit, COO Imbema

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