Customer case TriOpSys

“How can you achieve higher visibility rates with your target audience? Beyond Products created a launch campaign for TriOpSys.”

“The involvement of Beyond Products in our marketing processes has provided us with the necessary tools to optimise our marketing strategies and further expand our business. Bram and Anja possess a wealth of experience in both marketing and security, which is a valuable asset. They possess a deep understanding of our organisation, our target audience and have the ability to create amazing content with just a few words.”

– Marc Schilderman, Business Unit Manager TriOpSys

The challenge

How can we efficiently reach our target audience? And how can we position ourselves as experts and leaders in our field? Beyond Products assisted the TriOpSys team in addressing these questions.

We began with a pilot to gather data on commercial opportunities. Following this, we launched a marketing campaign with a focus on online visibility, centered around knowledge sharing on cyber resilience as the main theme. This pilot provided TriOpSys with insights to better target the appropriate audience and refine their proposition. Moreover, the pilot campaign allowed us to test the message, various channels, and different tools.

“”Our collaboration with Beyond Products triggered a broader discussion on marketing and growth. With Bram and Anja’s advice and guidance, we established a strong foundation for a long-term vision for our marketing strategy.”

– Marc Schilderman, Business Unit Manager TriOpSys

Statement of facts

About TriOpSys
TriOpSys specialises in designing, building, and maintaining mission-critical IT systems. They work on IT systems for control room systems, cloud solutions in defence, and IT systems for traffic management and aviation. What sets their customers apart is their high regard for continuity and security.

Mission critical IT-systems
Mission-critical IT systems refer to business-critical software systems that must not fail. For instance, military systems are part of a mission-critical field that cannot afford to fail. These systems require specific processes, including secure programming, peer reviews, and extensive quality checks, to ensure their reliability and security.”

The approach

The marketing pilot consisted of three phases:

  • We began with a strategy workshop, gathering input from TriOpSys’ management and various IT and field specialists. This workshop focused on identifying target groups, mapping out the customer journey, and determining information needs.
  • Using the insights gained from the workshop, we designed the campaign and focused on the most promising target groups. Our strategy aimed to position TriOpSys as an expert in the field of cyber resilience. We created a funnel with SEO-optimised knowledge articles, conversion-oriented content, and customer case studies. This content was posted both organically and via paid ads on LinkedIn.
  • After several experiments, the pilot campaign was refined and split into three separate campaigns, each with its own theme, target audience, and intensity. The pilot concluded with a hands-on presentation of the main outcomes and a long-term vision for sustainable growth as the primary goal.”

The results

Our approach provided TriOpSys with:

  • Increased visibility among TriOpSys target audiences and the positioning of TriOpSys as an expert in cyber resilience.
  • Valuable data and market insights that equipped TriOpSys with the necessary tools to optimise our proposition and marketing approach.
  • Additionally, TriOpSys received practical advice that enabled them to set up and maintain marketing campaigns in-house.”

“Our collaboration with Beyond Products on the campaign demonstrated that an effective marketing strategy can boost sales. The pilot was a successful step towards our growth.”

– Marc Schilderman, Business Unit Manager TriOpSys

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