Customer case Camelot

Beyond Products developed and brought to market a new high-tech security proposition for Camelot

“”Even in markets with relatively high competition, it is possible -with a smart niche approach- to launch new product or services.”

The challenge

Camelot, a specialist in management, security and development of business and residential premises, hired Beyond Products to develop a new high-tech security solution: the WatchTower. After all, securing buildings and premises relies more on technology than manpower. In addition to launching the new service in 5 European countries, we developed an online portal to improve the operational management of the security service.

The approach

After determining the customer’s needs and the right specifications, the first prototype was launched. After some optimizations, because of the different legislations per country, the WatchTower was rolled out in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Beyond Products trained the sales and operations departments to sell, deliver, and maintain the product.

In addition to the physical product, we developed an online portal connected to a 24/7 monitoring centre, making it possible to manage all European solutions from one cockpit and act on incidents directly.  The portal also provides key management information and enables automated billing.

Essential components of our approach included:

  • Interviews with customers to identify their precise needs.
  • Market research to develop a competitive solution.
  • Definition of two new target groups: municipalities and construction sites.
  • Set up of all marketing campaigns.

The outcome

Our approach resulted in development of an entirely new managed service, a successful launch, and sustainable growth towards a fleet of more than 100 WatchTowers and more than 250 security boxes used for temporary building security.

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